Bukan Bidadari Eps-2 (Lestary)


Showing Time : 19 Jun 2012 at 9:00 Pm
Classification: Drama

Bukan Bidadari about Inas ,a rich gilrl who has a spioled and arrogant attitude found her to be helter-skelter the death of his father ,Inas and her mother ,Suraya anxiuos to know may late father has a lot of debt and they do not leace any property to survive ,Whitout direction ,they return home and live with Suraya sister ,Eve ,Inas so hated life in village and his mother and late father blamed for the tragerdy that had bedallen him,however there was a young man named Kamal has fallen in loved with Inas and would do anything to Inas happy living in the village .Inas fate is not finished there when she was raped by fomer boyfried ,Shidi who came to find in the village ,Not long afer,Inas found himself pergnent ,Kamal tried to help but Inas too srubborn to achive his ambition to get out of the village and find his own happiness so that he would leave the children born .Meanwhile .In Kuala Lumpur during Inas met with Arif son of the handsome and wise enterprenur chaarter ,Inas finally married to Arif whitout the consent of his mother ,Unfontunaly ,after marring the price himself ,them he relized that Arif a temper and emontianlly and physcally abused Inas ,Inas tried several times to escape but to no avail ,becouse not tolerate toture by Arif ,Inas has learned martial arts quietly ,Inas finally managed to free herself by killing Arif ,Inas return to village looking for his mother  and Kamal ,but his disppointement to find thah Kamad had become betrothed person ,What is the fate of the next Inas? is there a chace to double to him reign in the hearts of Kamal? is it true that Arif has died ins suspicious?

Staring by: Nad Zainal(Inas),Azlee Khairi(Kamal) ,Shaarnaz Ahamd(Ariff) ,Sara Ali(Ayu),Fizza Halim(Suraya) Zuhaidi Ibrahim(Ibrahim) Muniff Isa(Shidi) ,Azhar Sulaiman (Roy) Liza Zain (Hawa) and Wan Raja (ALi)

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