Bicara Hati Eps-25


A series Drama adapted from best selling Novel Bicara Hati,

Showing Time : 9:00 Pm (60 Minutes)
Classification : Universal
Genre : Movie ,Drama
Running Time: 60 Minutes


In a minor or inadvertent ,Tengku Sharan and Zahlia meet , at that time was deadlocked think Tengku Syahran declared his intention to marry her Zahlia to avoid marrinage with Linda,Zahlia suprised by the demand Tengku Syahran ,Tengku Syahran not kwon and could not have Zahlia can fall to the culprit Zahlia completly wrong to accept the proposal ,Different way by Tengku  Shahran to win heats ,Zahila finally agreed but whit conditions ,or the right ,Zahlia perposal right will not be interruped.

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