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In Theaters: 21 Jun 2012
Genre: comedy and Romantik


Boboiboy Seson 2 -Eps 1


Boboiboy seson 2(2012)
Showing Time: 27 May 2012 At 7.00PM
Release Date: 2012 (Malaysia)
Genres : Animation

BoBoiboy is a Malaysian animated series Producted by Animonsta Studios,Centres around a boy who have superpower and able to separate into three ,With his friends,Ying,Yaya and Gopal ,they fight to protect the earth from alien threats to conquer the Eart to hunt down for cocoa beans,Boboiboy series published in HDTV format and scheduled to broadcast over tv3 began 13 March 2011 and on Disney Channel Asia from 18 June 2011.

Boboiboy Seson 2 Plot:

Season 2 of Boboiboy will be premiering on May 27 ,2012 there are also plans to make film based on the animation series ,and BoBoiBoy will be in theatres in Indonesia,Malaysia ,Singapore ,Thailand ,Philippines and Vietnam And Production Company by Multivision Plus and Mizan Productions and Special Guest! Upin and Ipin and Geng.

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